Too Nice To Slice Wedding & Celebration Cakes
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Cake extras
Chocolate cigarellos from £20 to £45 extra per tier depending on tier size

Hand crafted sugar bride & groom from £100.00 - £120.00
Other models from £10 to £35

Small sugar flower spray with single flower from £15 - £30

Medium sugar flower spray from £75 - £100

Large or trailing sugar flower spray from £125 - £200

Jewelry - cake bracelets and cake toppers from £25 depending on design, number of tiers and jewels used

All my cakes are designed to your specific requirements and then baked fresh to order. It is impossible to give exact prices as each cake will be different and so prices will vary depending on the final style and design. However, to give you some idea as to how much your cake may cost, the following is a guideline for basic cake prices. These prices are for simply iced cakes only and include, fillings, marzipan and fondant icing of either single tier or stacked cake, decorated with ribbon matching your wedding theme.
The prices below also include a design consultation (wedding cakes only) and all multi tiered cakes will be delivered & set up at your reception venue free of charge within Lytham St Anne's, Single tier wedding & celebration cakes do not include delivery and must be collected, however delivery can be arranged for a fee. Delivery further afield can be arranged & will be charged per mile.
All prices are subject to change.
Pillars, seperators, sugar flowers, models and other design features will add to the cost. Please see list on left for estimated costs only. A final quote will be given by email or post once we have discussed all your requirements.

 cake prices start from

Single Tier Rich Fruit/Carrot Deluxe Flavour Sponge Plain Vanilla Sponge   
6" round £45/square £50 round £40/square £45 round £35/square £40
8" round £55/square £60 round £50/square £55 round £45/square £50
9" round £65/square £70 round £60/square £65 round £55/square £60
10" round £80/square £85 round £75/square £80 round £65/square £70
12" round £100/square £110 round £90/square £100 round £85/square £90

Two Tier Rich Fruit/Carrot Deluxe Flavour Sponge Plain Vanilla Sponge 
6" & 8" round £130/square £140 round £120/square £130 round £110/square £120
6" & 9" round £140/square £150 round £130/square £140 round £120/square £130
8" & 10" round £165/square £175 round £155/square £165 round £140/square £150
9" & 12" round £195/square £210 round £180/square £195 round £170/square£180

Three Tier Rich Fruit/Carrot Deluxe Flavour Sponge Plain Vanilla Sponge
6", 8",10” round £245/square £275 round £225/square £245 round£210/square£225
6", 9",12” round £275/square £290 round £250/square £275 round £235/square £255
8", 10",12" round £295/square £320 round £275/square £295 round £255/ square £275

4 Tier Rich Fruit/Carrot Deluxe Flavour Sponge Plain Vanilla Sponge
6" 8"10"12" round£360/square£385 round£335/square£360 round£310/square£330